Veganism means never consuming or using animal flesh, their secretions, by-products, or fluids of any kind

It also means not keeping animals for the purpose of producing those things. It means never wearing animal body parts. Veganism means challenging the structures that profit from and promote the usage of animals. Vegans help people with no access to alternatives locate those alternatives without disrespecting or ridiculing them.

Vegans agitate to end ritualized violence against animals

We demand the total abolition of hunting, fishing, and forced labor; zoos, aquaria, circuses, and experimentation.

Veganism is the acceptance of animals' fundamental ownership of their bodies, choices, and labor

We hold that animals are born free; they are not property. We accept that it is our responsibility to democratically emancipate animals from the human-devised system of violence and oppression that enslaves them.


Vegans challenge the encroachment of humans

We oppose the destruction of habitats associated with human infrastructure construction and work to protect those victimized and displaced by it. We educate others on the harmful impacts of their recreational activities wherever it introduces food, pollution, trash, noise, light, and disruption into an ecology.

Vegans respect and protect companions

We recognize the keeping of companion animals as an insufficient, temporary solution and a form of confinement. We attend to their medical, social, and psychological needs. We never mock, taunt, fight, harm, or torture them. We do not ride them. We do not teach them to intimidate or dominate other people or animals. We work to restructure the stray-to-shelter pipeline.

Vegans respect and protect urban wildlife

We pursue only those options that remove unwanted animals from our dwellings that are necessary and non-traumatic to the animals. We work to educate our neighbors and reduce conflict as the displaced enter urban environments.


Veganism is a political act opposing oppression

Veganism includes the dietary, lifestyle, and consumer points made above, but those things consitute differing degrees of personal agency, all of which are necessary. Veganism is not about anyone's diet, personal journey, or self-expression. It is a foundational act of solidarity against injustice.

Veganism opposes all oppressions

Because of the historical and current entanglement of animal oppression and human oppression, vegans oppose the oppression of other people. We oppose the oppression of women and people of color; transgender and homosexual people; the poor, elderly, and disabled. Vegans work together as equals to end socially-constructed cruelty to each other and animals.

Vegans celebrate and critique each other while protecting their radical message

We are as radical in our commitment to democracy as we are in opposing oppression. All are welcomed and empowered. Men are not preordained to lead. We seek and encourage women and historically disempowered people to lead. We constantly challenge each other. We protect the integrity of our radical critique against all those who seek to expropriate it.

A vegan is a devoted student of non-violence

Vegans neither fight nor threaten. We do not harass, ridicule, or intimidate. We do not damage or steal. Vegans liberate earthlings by destroying institutionalized forms of violence and oppression through peaceful, democratic means.

Vegans cultivate rational discourse, promote vegan education, and support allies

Vegans respect differences of experience. We continually pursue fact-based knowledge. We promote uncompromised vegan education. We respectfully debate non-vegans and join in their intersecting struggles as we are welcomed.


Veganism demands integrity and righteous indignation

Veganism is not the pursuit of purity. It is not about self-righteousness. It is unapologetically doing and demanding the right thing in public and in private.

Veganism is necessary, not sufficient

Poitically active vegan agitation and vegan consumer choices are necessary elements of a solution but will not rid the world of animal exploitation. We cannot consume our way out of oppression, nor can we legislate it away. The goal of total animal liberation will require radical and dynamic movement characteristics and must lead to worldwide cultural and governmental revolutions.

Veganism is nothing less than justice

Veganism is the personal and political pursuit of justice. It is therefore not vegetarianism, flexitarianism, pescatarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism, reductionism, or animal welfarism, as they are additional forms of injustice. Veganism is a system of positive liberation.

If we do not liberate animals,